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I’ve Been Bit By Someone’s Dog. Can I Sue?

Dogs are some of the most loyal and loving companions there are, however, they are still animals that can have behavioral issues. When a dog’s owner fails to properly train them, the chances of the dog acting out and hurting another human are much higher. Dog bites can range from minor nips to far more serious, even life-threatening injuries. In the event a dog acts out and bites someone, the owner may be held liable for damages under Texas’ Dog Bite Law. Whether a dog acts out and aggressively bites someone, or causes injury or damage to property, the owner may be taken to court. Depending on the circumstances surrounding dog bite incident, sometimes the issue can be settled out of court. However, there are numerous instances when the victim opts to sue.

The very idea of your dog biting another person – or animal – can be difficult for pet owners to swallow. That being said, dog bite injuries happen far more often than many people realize. On average, emergency rooms see one dog bite injury every 40 seconds – which equates to 800,000 injuries every year nationwide. Unfortunately, the majority of these injuries affect children. In fact, more child injuries are reported due to dog bites than any other injury. This may come as a shock to many, but those who have been witness to or the victim of a dog bite injury may think otherwise.

So the question for today is: when can I sue following a dog bite injury? The short answer to this is that you should consider bringing a lawsuit against a dog owner when you have sustained extensive injuries and have a valid case. When a dog’s behavior results in injuries or property damage, the extent of liability will vary and should be up to the court system. Laws pertaining to dog bite cases vary from state to state. Texas adheres to the “one bite rule”, which means that a dog owner can be held liable for any arm inflicted on another person or property. This law also states that a victim can recover compensation from the dog owner if (1) the dog previously bit a person or acted aggressively towards them, and (2) the owner was aware of the dog’s previous conduct.

It is important to keep in mind that there are certainly exceptions to this. For example, if the bite victim provoked the dog or was not acting peaceable prior to the attack, the victim may be considered responsible for their injuries.

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