Recent Case Settlements

In CAUSE NO. 2016-CV-0494-A in the 197th District Court in Willacy County, we tried a case against a drunk driver and the person who allegedly loaned her the vehicle she was driving. While the vehicle’s owner was found not negligent, the drunk driver was ordered to pay our clients $2,405,756.30. Our clients, the plaintiffs, were residents of Willacy County. They were a mother and daughter who were in the vehicle at the time of the wreck and the husband whose life was turned upside down by the devastating injuries suffered by his wife. She underwent neck surgery and had $81,642 in medical bills. Her daughter had $4,663 in medical bills. The judgment was apportioned as follows: Mother: 914,975.71 Daughter: 537,996.95 and Husband: $836,805.84. The case later settled with the insurance company for a confidential sum.

In Cause Number 2016-CCL-01298 in the County Court at Law Number 3 -we obtained a judgment of $1,047,231 against a national pizza chain after our client slipped and fell inside one of their restaurants. An appeal is pending.

In Cause Number 7:12-224 in the Federal Court for the Southern District – McAllen Division after a trial in federal court, we recovered $269,016.08 for our client who was rear ended while driving an 18 wheeler. He suffered neck and back injuries and his medical bills were $4,990. After paying attorney’s fees, costs of court and medical expenses, the client received 147,839.52.

In a Cameron County case in the 107th District Court in Cameron County, we recovered $1,200,000 for a client who suffered a fracture in his lower back after the tractor trailer in which he was a passenger rolled over. Our client had to have surgery to address his injuries. We put $589,325.44 in the client’s pocket after attorney’s fees, costs, and medical bills.

In a Cameron County case in the 445th District Court, we recovered $1,184,000 for a woman who was rear-ended by a drunk driver. She required neck surgery. It was the defendant’s third DWI. We were able to put $725,487.21 in her pocket.