The Green Law Firm P.C.

The GreenLaw Firm P.C. is dedicated to the representation of the innocent victims of corporate greed. With the goal of protecting the rights of Texas families, The Green Law Firm P.C. works diligently to give a voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless by successfully battling against large corporations and insurance companies in the courtroom.


All the attorneys at The Green Law Firm P.C. are dedicated and experienced in the South Texas Court system to give you a chance to protect your rights. Whether its minor or catastrophic personal injury cases, you can be assured that the lawyers at The Green Law Firm P.C. are on your side with the full power of an experienced team of trial attorneys.

We Fight For You

The experienced attorneys at The Green Law Firm P.C. work hard to fight for the rights of those injured by careless corporations. Helping make Texas a safe place to work and raise families is a major goal of The Green Law Firm P.C., all the while working hard to allow the ordinary citizens of Texas secure their rights and voice in the legislative process.