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David Roerig

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David grew up watching his dad put on a tie every morning to go to the courthouse to fight for his clients. His family values emphasized honesty, fairness and the pursuit of justice. David also learned from his father the value of hard work in being a courtroom lawyer, as well as his mother who balanced a management level position with being a great mother.  David joined The Green Law Firm in 2020 as a partner so he could use the skills and values he developed over the years to fight for the people of the Rio Grande Valley. 

Brownsville public schools started David’s academic preparations. Later David attended the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas. The Marine Drill Instructors in charge of the school taught David Duty, Honor and Country, along with discipline.  The Marines also taught that sometimes a warrior is needed to protect the vulnerable.  Living in the barracks with young men from all across the country and from all sectors of society taught David the necessity of shared understanding that can only be gained by listening and trying to put yourself in the shoes of others.  David finished high school at Saint Joseph Academy in Brownsville.

David’s university education took place at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.  He chose to study Political Science, History and Foreign Policy because politics and the workings of government had always fascinated him.  To aid in this educational process David served an internship with the Democratic United States Representative for Brownsville in Washington DC.  David’s time in Washington included observing our government functioning on 9/11 and being evacuated from the building in which he worked, then rushed out of Washington DC only to slam to a halt in traffic over the Potomac River with the wind carrying the smoke of the burning Pentagon into his face.  David learned that day that Americans’ rights and freedom require constant vigilance. There are always others who would interfere with American fairness and justice if we let them.  The next morning, at 8:00AM with the Pentagon still smoking, David retuned to work at the nation’s capital because he would not be a part of allowing others to interfere with the working of his nation.

After graduating from University of Colorado, David completed his formal education at Saint Mary’s law school. He returned to the Rio Grande Valley and its unique ways of life and culture – the place he had always called home  He joined the law firm of Roerig, Oliveira and Fisher, first as an associate and later as a partner from 2007 to2020.  During his time at that insurance defense firm, David mainly lived and worked in the Hidalgo County area, though his practice took him all over South Texas.  At Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, he specialized in cases involving negligent injuries to people and also developed expertise in disputes between property owners and their insurance carriers over storm damage to their homes and businesses.  Representing insurance companies in these disputes gave David access to the inner workings of the claims process.  He uses that understanding today to ensure that his clients are not taken advantage of by their insurers.

David joined The Green Law Firm in 2020 as a partner so he could use the skills and values he developed over the years to fight for the people of the Rio Grande Valley.  He continues to represent injured people and property owners shorted by their insurance carriers.   David remains in the Hidalgo County region where he manages the The Green Law Firm’s Hidalgo County office.

Decades after watching his dad suit up each morning to fight for his clients, David now puts the tie on to do battle for his clients the way his dad did when he was little.  If an insurance company is giving you the runaround, David is ready to fight for you.


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