September 20, 2017

Texting and Driving: The New Texas Law

the-new-texting-and-driving-law-green-law-firmStaying on top of the laws in your country and/or state, can really help keep you out of a bit of trouble. It’s important that you are aware of law changes or updates or new implementation of laws, to make sure you don’t get pulled over or in trouble for something that you are uninformed about. And the new law that you should know about, is the one that makes it illegal to text and drive in Texas, as of September 1st, 2017.

We are all quite reliant on our smart phones these days. From communicating with our friends and family, to social media, to GPS, to getting our news, checking our bank account, etc., we often find ourselves depending on our phones to make it through our daily endeavors. The problem is, we’ve become so dependent, that we are having trouble putting our phones down, and that includes while we’re driving.

DWT (Driving while texting)

While police officers have been pulling over multitudes of drivers for what they assumed to be “driving while intoxicated,” they are starting to realize that these drivers are actually not intoxicated, but texting while driving. But, when the cars are swerving from lane to lane, skipping through lights and stop signs, weaving, etc., it would definitely make sense in crossing one’s mind that the driver may be intoxicated. You may have heard some of the statistics before, telling you about how texting while driving has similar effects on your driving capabilities as drinking and driving does, and it seems like these happenings are a bit of proof of the truth in those statistics.

Texas and texting & driving

Texas is pretty behind in the implementation of the no-texting-while-driving ban, as it’s the 47th state to do so. Although, several years ago Texas did try implementing this ban, but it was then vetoed. Somewhat last, but not least, though, Texas has officially signed the dotted line. The only states left to jump on board are Arizona, Missouri, and Montana. While many cities in Texas have already banned texting while driving, this law will make the ban state wide.

If it’s your first offense, the fine can be anywhere between $25 to $99, and for a repeat offense, up to $200. Though, it’s important to note that this ban is on texting (“reading, writing, or sending electronic messages” via a “wireless communication device”), but there are exemptions for a device being used for GPS, controlling of one’s stereo system, and so on.

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